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Movie Review

Where did all the good sci-fi go?

Recently, I watched two Sci-Fi movies, both of which were a HUGE letdown.

The first, Alien Covenant, had only one positive – the acting. The plot was a mess, the characterisation was woeful, and it had one of the worst cliches in movie history… how many times have you heard this in a movie?

Character 1:

Hey… do you hear that?

Character 2: No…

Character 1: Exactly! There’s no sound. Nothing.

Insert ominous music…

A little while into the movie, I said to my wife – prior to this scene – if they do the whole, “Hear that?” thing, then I’ll be bitterly disappointed. And mere seconds later… they did.

Does this make me psychic? No. Well, maybe, but unlikely.

What it makes me is totally aware of the cliches and tired plot devices that are prevalent in Science Fiction movies today.

Not only do Screenwriters not have any original ideas, but they’re now so bored by the entire screenwriting process that they’re using the same dialogue!

Another movie I watched was “Life”. God, that was so bad. Not only was the acting dreadful, but the sheer stupidity of the characters turned a boring re-hashed plot into a tirade of “fuck-you – insert character name – why are you so stupid?” And these people were supposed to be astronauts! They’re supposed to be smarter than the rest of us, aren’t they?

Take a look at Star Trek: Into Darkness. Yet another example of laziness by the writers. Turning a movie into a ripped off version of The Wrath of Khan (which is magnificent by the way).

They just didn’t care! There was so little thought put into the film’s plot.

Star Trek: Beyond, wasn’t much better, but at least it had a fresh story.

Here are some of the other Sci-Fi movies that have been released recently (all of which are dreadful in their own ways).

  • Passengers
  • X-Men Apocalypse
  • Independence Day – ResurgenceTransformers (ANY of them!)
  • Flatliners (last time I checked it had the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating ever!)
  • The Dark Tower

These are just a few examples, but it leads one to think, Where did all the good Sci-Fi go?

Will the Bladerunner Sequel be any better? We’ll see. How about the next Star Wars?

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