Creative Chronicles of a Writing Drummer

Hello, and welcome to my website. Please feel free to take a look around.

My name is Darren Stephenson. I am a writer, a father, a husband, and a hitter of wooden cylindrical objects.

My goal in creating this website is to connect to those who share the same interests.

I began writing stories around the age of six years old. I can’t remember what I wrote, but I quickly came to realize I enjoyed “making stuff up” on paper.

Many years later, in high school, I got back into writing as a way of getting through my “English class”. As apart of our studies, each student would be given a book to write in called a journal. Each week the journal was checked by the teacher who was meant to assist in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Common practice however was for the teachers to simply check that two pages had been completed that week and mark each one with a signature. Nothing was read, nothing was checked, nothing was critiqued. And, I assume, very little was learned. But I wrote anyway. I wrote because I enjoyed making up wild stories about my friends, and also enjoyed avoiding detention for not completing my two journal pages.

Upon leaving school I focused my efforts on my music. I spent years studying at two of Australia’s best Music Institutions – The Australian Institute of Music, and The Australian Academy of Drums and Percussion. I practiced – a lot. Eleven hours a day, six days a week working on being the best drummer I could be. And I got pretty good. But, dreams are dreams, and reality soon kicked in. I needed a real job. And so, the years passed and I continued to write, and drum, and develop in both areas, but my focus was on living, working and surviving.

Since then I have married, settled down, and now have two gorgeous kids. What else is there?

Well, the dreams survive. They will never disappear. And so this website is a place where my dreams can live on. Where you, the reader, can walk with me as I attempt to reignite the flames of desire, and the dreams I still have. Dreams of greatness. Dreams that lead to wondrous experiences.

So, take a look at my blog for updates on whats happening with my life and excerpts from my books and short stories. There are also pages dedicated to my two completed novels – The Laws of the Spirit and Strategem. Neither novel is published… Yet. My goal is to get them revised to the point that I feel they are up to scratch. Perhaps you can help?

So, to conclude, thanks again for stopping by. Please feel free to comment on my blog and subscribe to my various social feeds.